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Consign With Us

Consign with us & rent your own wardrobe

How It Works

We accept dresses, playsuits, top and skirts of all sizes.

* As a consigner with treasureboxx, you will earn 50% of the rental price after the shipping and cleaning costs have been applied. For each rental that goes out you will be sent a report and a bank transfer of the funds, to your nominated bank account, you are owed will be paid at the beginning of each month based on the previous months bookings and or cancellations or date changes. 

Before entering into a consignment agreement with teasureboxx items MUST NOT be listed anywhere else for rent or for SALE as we physically need to have the garment for it to be rented out. 

* Garments that are sent to us to be rented need to be in new or excellent condition and less 2 years old. When the garment/s arrive to us they need to be either professionally dry cleaned or cleaned to a very high standard and 100% authentic. If you are unable to have the item cleaned properly we can organise this but it will be an extra cost to you.

* The treasureboxx consignment agreements are for 6 months and your garment/s will be listed on our website for this period. A consignment agreement form will be sent via email once the garments are accepted by us. The agreement MUST be signed and returned before any item is published on our site.

* If there are no rentals requested during the first 3 months we reserve the right to return any garments at an earlier date than the agreement period. 

* If you have the original receipt, invoice or tags, please send these to us with your garment as this can help us to determine an appropriate rental price. Also if you have any images of the garment/s being worn by yourself or a friend please also send these to us

* The price will be agreed upon by both parties.

* All garments sent to us will be inspected by our team prior to your item being listed on treasureboxx. The approval process will be based on the quality of the garment, whether the garments/s suits the teasureboxx cliental and if it meets all requirements listed above. Once your garments/s has been approved or disapproved you will be notified with 2 business days. 

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