Covid Cancellation


For Covid-19 related cancellations made by both the renters and by us. We will ONLY be offering either STORE CREDIT that will be valid for one year from date if issue or the option to shift the date of all rentals affected by COVID-19 restrictions, the need to isolate and event cancellations. We must be notified prior to posting the garment/ pick up. Please feel free to email or message us on Instagram to arrange this if you have been effected.

If the garment does get sent off before we have been notified of a cancellation due to COVID we will still issue a credit ( minus shipping cost ) vlid for one year from date of issue. Please let us know as soon as possible and once the item is received please pop into the return bag provided and either hand over the counter at your nearest post shop or organise a pickup from nz post by using the link below;

Any questions you are welcome to email us at


Book your favourite style online for the day you will be wearing the item and we'll deliver it to your door anywhere in New Zealand 1 –3 days before required.


Look amazing at your event and make sure you tag us on instagram or send images through to our email – we’d love to see them.


Place your item in the prepaid return bag provided and hand it over the counter at your nearest post shop to be scanned – the next business day. Please DO NOT use a post box.

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