Any order placed after 2pm on a Wednesday for same week delivery runs the risk of not arriving on time. Please get your order in EARLY

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COVID19 Postponed Events or Cancelled Events

Our cancellation policy is only within  24 hours since your order is placed. If you let us know within this time frame, and your item has not already been sent nor has been taken from our premises, you will be eligible for a full refund via the original payment method. 

Any time after this, you will only be eligible for a credit voucher code for the full amount you have paid. The credit voucher code will last up to 12 months and you must use it up within this time frame ( the code will be sent to and only be used on our site). For a credit voucher code, the garment must not have already been sent off to you by us. As COVID19 is going to be within our community for a while, placing a rental order is at your own risk due to the regulations around COVID19. We will no longer be offering the credit voucher code if your garment has already been sent to you. 

To be eligible for a credit voucher code, you must fit the following

- You must let us know before we send the item to you

- The event must be cancelled/postponed due to COVID19 ( we may require proof). 

Please email us as soon as you know at if your event has been postponed/cancelled. Please do not send us an DM as this can sometimes get missed. 

If the garment does get sent off before we have been notified of a cancellation due to COVID . Please let us know as soon as possible and once the item is received please pop into the return bag provided and either hand over the counter at your nearest post shop or organise a pickup from nz post by using the link below; you will need the tracking number that is on the courier bag to book.

Any questions you are welcome to email us at