The off-the-shoulder top is no longer a trend, it's a wardrobe essential. The top is flirty, flattering, and hides your pit stains–what more could you want from a single article of clothing?

It is no surprise the trend has re-surfaced. Think: Lucille Ball, Brigitte Bardot, Natalie Wood and Grace Kelly — the original collarbone queens - movie stars of the 50's. These women collectively proved that a parenthetical swoop of fabric from shoulder to shoulder could magically make your décolletage look like the best thing since sliced Bread.

However the shoulder look is no new invention. It started as a niche market (circa 2014) and has now gone from trickle to torrential. They are everywhere. On Instagram. On every page of every magazine. On mannequins at Kmart. On my best friend. On my best friend’s mum. Wearing one no longer felt like a secret handshake between me and my personal style; it felt like peeing in a communal bathroom at RnV.

Social media has destroyed the possibility of a trend remaining fresh for more than a few months and now I need to ask myself what the neck am I going to wear on my upper half this summer?!

Scrolling through the internet type 'next big trend' has got me no where and every fashion magazine I pick up brings me back to the shoulders. I have come up with a list of my own to help those in need;

1. Bell-sleeves are definitely a viable antidote to off-the-shoulder addiction. I think I’m finally ready to take on summer.

2. One Shoulder - one shoulder covered, one shoulder mooning the world like a toddler at bath-time.

3. Tie up shoulder sleeved tops - wrap it like its their birthday.

As for the pile of off-the-shoulder tops in my closet? I’ll hang on to them for now.

#treasureboxx xx

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