DRESSING for the for any event these days need not break the bank with great designer rental businesses around New Zealand booming.

But what is your best bet when weighing up the options on whether to rent or buy?

Hiring / borrowing a dress/ playsuit or accessory gives people the opportunity to look different and change up their look without it costing an arm and leg. It also gives access to designers and labels that they may not necessarily be able to afford to buy. 

The growth in the popularity of designer rentals is also in part due to the increase in women showcasing their looks on social media and then not wanting to be seen in the same thing twice.

Never being seen in the same outfit twice is like an unwritten notion between woman. Especially at weddings, 21st and engagements (weekend after weekend) therefore hiring an outfit at a fraction of the retail price allows the user to change up their look for each occasion. 

More and more people are becoming savvy with their money and renting dresses via websites, facebook, instagram and "try ons" instead of spending $$$ on a one off outfit to then sell on eBay or trademe and NEVER getting the original amount back.

So next time you are looking for something special to wear remember you can rent/hire. 






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